Who We Are


Since 2002

What We Do

We are a Scout-led troop; utilizing the patrol method to provide leadership opportunities for Scouts to put into practice the skills that they learn. We follow the Scout Law, Scout Oath, Scout Motto and Scout Slogan.

Troop 365 goes on weekend camp outs monthly and annually attends summer camp.

Being a Scout can mean something different to each of those participating or looking at the program. Boys and girls join our troop for many reasons including developing friendships, learning about the outdoors, working toward rank advancement, and becoming an Eagle Scout. While each of these reasons is a good justification, we all know that a Scout’s interests changes as they grow. It is our desire to provide a program that stimulates the interest of each Scout so that as they mature they are able to identify with, and benefit from, our program while having fun.

The leaders of this troop have put together this website as a resource for scouts and for scouting parents as well as for visitors wanting to know more about Troop 365. It includes information on who we are, our activities and how we administer the scouting program. It includes information on advancement, Scout Skills, gear and equipment sources, trips, schedules, etc. We hope that it will be helpful and that it will be a place where you will frequently visit to keep in touch with our troop program.

For our visitors we invite you to check out this website and also to check out our Troop in action by visiting us in person at any of our Tuesday meetings. You may contact our leaders through our “Contact Us” page.

Stay tuned for more updates from Troop 365.