Where is the calendar?

How do the troops communicate?

  • Dan Froelich and Tom Mullen are admins for all groups. If you would like to add an email address to the group, you can send the request to them
  • troop365g@googlegroups.com - girl troop email list - leaders, parents, scouts
  • troop365nc@googlegroups.com -  boy troop email list - leaders, parents, scouts
  • troop365committee@googlegroups.com - troop committee (committee serves both troops)
  • Messages sent to these addresses go out to the entire group. Replies can be reply to individual or reply to all
  • If your inbox is a mess - you can access Google Group pages at  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!myforums and see all the discussion threads

How do I sign up for events?

  • Frank Slifer - Events Chair
  • Event sign-ups happen via Google Forms -  https://troop365nc.org/calendar-events/
  • All scouts are expected to sign up indicating whether or not they are attending an event. This covers summer camp, outings, court of honor food sign-ups, as well as loads of other things. Next to each sign-up link, you can find a handy "Did I sign up?" link - in case you or your family members are unsure of who signed up.
  • If you need to cancel a sign-up, please reach out to a leader to remove you from the list so you aren't charged. Last minute cancellations will not always result in refunds - depending on the types of fees/ items purchased/ etc and date of cancellation.

How do I pay for events and purchases?

  • Jon Allen - Treasurer for both troops - I'm sure he'll be sending some sort of updates around all things financial.
  • https://troop365nc.org/shop/  one stop location to pay the troop for dues (for now), camping fees, summer camp, t-shirt orders, event registrations
  • Once you make your first purchase, you'll have a login that can be used to make future orders- this account is self-managed - if you lose your password for example -you can reset it yourself. Purchases are processed through a secured and encrypted Square check-out - as secure as your other online purchases.
  • I recommend keeping your email receipts in a folder for future reference.

What is Scoutbook?

  • Tony Smith is Advancement Chair
  • Tom Mullen is Scoutbook admin
  • From the troop landing page, you can jump to Scoutbook to access your scout's advancement records. This is our official advancement record system. Scouts can be given delegate permission to view their own records if a parent so chooses.